Our Partner, Euroserv

IT Support Services and Deployment Throughout Europe

Euroserv is an association of specialist companies providing IT Deployment, IT Support Services, Managed Support Provision and Multi-Media services across much of Europe. Euroserv assess each member to ensure the standards and services provided meet the requirements of the targeted market and other member’s needs. Also, Euroserv central management will oversee a project where multiple members are engaged in a project or support contract.

Services provided by members


  • Break fix hardware repairs-field and workshop based
  • Storing, staging & project management
  • Deployments-multimedia and IT equipment

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

  • End user IT support
  • Cloud solutions and support
  • Proactive system and endpoint monitoring and remediation of faults
  • Service desk
  • Software support (Microsoft suite)

Euroserv as an association has been in existence for over 30 years and was founded on two main aims:

  1. The promotion and execution of a Pan European IT service and the sharing of business opportunities that arise.
  2. The sharing of market and company knowledge openly and freely amongst the members.


For more information please visit euroserv.eu.com

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