Disaster recovery is your insurance that your IT assets are protected should the unthinkable occur

Business Continuity

How long can you do without access to your IT? The answer usually depends on the nature of the user and the application but there are very few organisations today who can survive being without their IT for more than a day and in some cases more than an hour.

CMI - Business Continuity
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Our managed IT services include

  • Rapid recovery with automated failover
  • Reliable recovery with non-disruptive testing and automation of recovery plans
  • Affordable recovery with secondary site flexibility providing options to leverage third-party services for failover

IT Support and Data Recovery

Just like good insurance, the best disaster recovery should provide great protection, with minimum hassle, at the lowest possible cost.

At CMI we provide data backup and disaster recovery solutions to meet the needs and requirements of your business and ensure your information is protected and backed up in the event of an emergency so that your organisation can effectively meet core requirements for disaster recovery

What We Think

With the increasing importance of IT within any business and the wider supply chain, it is imperative to ensure you have a plan should disruption occur for any reason. The advent of The Cloud now provides for a relativily low cost, highly available solution that offers peace of mind.

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